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Medical Dermatology

Prevent. Detect. Treat.

Experience matters when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of your skin concerns.


We begin by evaluating your A (asymmetry) B (border) C (color change) D (diameter greater than 6mm) and E (evolving) of mole architecture.

Daniel Lévy _ LARK Dermatology Medical _ Beauty _ Bonney Lake WA

Surgical Dermatology

Highly Experienced. Knowledgable.

When surgical intervention is needed, we skillfully perform procedures to excise unwanted, uncomfortable or unhealthy skin lesions with a minimally non-invasive approach.

Daniel Lévy _ LARK Dermatology Surgical _ Beauty _ Bonney Lake WA

Cosmetic Dermatology

Master Aestheticians.
Medical-Grade Results.

Our team specializes in non-invasive cosmetic treatments and has built a reputation for consistent results.

Daniel Lévy _ LARK Dermatology _ Beauty _ Bonney Lake WA

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