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Elevate Your Skincare

After years of research at the nation’s top tier academic centers, including UW, NYU, and Duke, Dr. Levy developed a new collection of skincare products designed to treat the most common skin challenges:  Hyperpigmentation, teen acne, recurrent adult acne, scalp hair volume loss, eyelash hair length/density/volume loss, skin injury/scar prevention, loss of overall skin collagen and tone, and loss of lip volume.

“Many skin and hair changes are triggered by hormones, so in order to effectively treat them, we must shield the skin from the negative effects of certain hormones, while nourishing it with their youthful effects.”

Using an exclusive targeted technology, LA Signature Skincare products work with laser-like precision to clear acne, brighten skin, boost collagen and hair, and heal injuries all within hours to days of use.

Lévy Cosmetics® _ Dr. Levy

Our Brand,
Passion For Your Skin

A modern line of skincare and haircare products designed to help you conquer the most challenging skin and hair goals.

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Our Innovative Products

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